Concierge Home and Lifestyle Services

Coordinating a loved one’s return home from a health care setting, an elective surgery or hospitalization is a stressful, labor intensive and life disrupting event.

Madeline Fry

I'll be your consultant, advocate, and “family member”

Hello, my name is Madeline Fry and I am the Founder of Safely Home Again.

Just like a family member, I'll take care of everything for the transition to the home and continue on as your personal VIP case manager. We will help maximize efficiency and minimize the potential for a re-hospitalization by implementing just a few of the concierge home and lifestyle services that are offered. Our services will help maintain your independence and control over your environment. Additionally, we can provide you with the tools and home modifications that will allow you to age-in-place gracefully, carefully, and safely. Making small changes in and around the home can elevate the constant internal thoughts that can occur, especially with older adults, about the financial, emotional, and psychological worries of having to relocate to institutional care.

Currently serving: Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Century City, Westwood, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades and Southern Malibu.



Discharge Plan Support

We are available to assist with the implementation of the discharge plan.


Coordinate Lifestyle Services

Integrate and schedule client appointments, delivery of consumer services, planning of activities & outings, and everything more!


Assist with Caretaker Hiring

Review provided candidates or we can hire for you.


Complete the Home Safety Assessment

Identify hazards, provide solutions and offer modifications.


On-going Reassessments of Services

Schedule monthly or quarterly re-assessments of services provided.

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