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Ask Madeline

Below you'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Safely Home Again and the services we offer.

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Madeline Fry, MHA, NHA, RCFE, SHSS

Madeline Fry

There are a number of great reasons to hire Safely Home Again. But the two most important reasons are as follows:

Coordinating a loved one’s return home from a health care setting, an elective surgery or hospitalization is a stressful, tedious and a disrupting undertaking. Reading and implementing that discharge plan and its instructions, for some, can be quite challenging.

Well guess what? Safely Home Again can organize this process and the home for you so that the individual comes back home with their personal and medical necessities and luxuries being put into place. Those individuals that would normally be responsible for this task can rely on us to manage this process for you. We become your personal case manager, VIP style! You then remain focused on your own weekly schedules, routines and family matters. When you hire Safely Home Again you’ve selected a compassionate partner with experience not only in this area, but with an array of resources available to come to your rescue. Working with Safely Home Again provides both the client and their loved one’s peace of mind knowing that the organizational needs such as delivery of medical equipment and appointment scheduling, staffing arrangements, home modification needs, and the quarterly maintenance checks will be done with insight, purpose, and concern.

The other reason to hire us is because over 80% of individuals are interested in staying in their homes as they grow older, commonly known as “aging-in-place”. This concept has never been so popular as it is today. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines aging in place as: “The ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently, and comfortable regardless of age, income or ability level.”

The concept of aging in place or aging at home, is another specialty area of Safely Home Again. We provide a detailed 240+ point home safety assessment, conducted by a Certified Senior Home Safety Specialist who looks at the entire property for potential hazards, but also takes it to that next step of the process by providing to our Clients solutions to the hazards found. For example, if the bathroom is vacant of grab bars, the inspection would show that and it would be highly recommended that they be installed as a precaution to prevent slips and falls. And to complete the circle, we have the vendors for the grab bar installation; or if a chair lift is needed for a stairway. We have vendors who are experienced with electric stairway chairs, handrails for walkways, we have expert welders for beautiful hand rails throughout the home, or even upgraded security/wifi systems. We have you covered!

There are so many reasons to hire us, above are just two of them.

Remember: Working with us is an investment in your loved one's livelihood, longevity, and continued independence.

Contact us to find out more about creating your personalized care plan for aging in place.

Yes I can. Safely Home Again is using the term loved one throughout the site in it’s descriptions and explanations. It is being used as a general term to mean all of the following; mom, dad, grandmother/father, and other family members. It also refers to a friend, a trustee, or anyone who is being represented by the client. It is also possible that the client could also be representing him/her self.

No, not at all. Individuals can and should request the services before a catastrophic event occurs; and certainly in advance of a hospitalization if possible.

For unplanned events or abrupt discharges, once we are notified, we will arrive to the discharge or home location as soon as possible.

No there is not. The services are available to anyone who needs them.

On the contrary, we do not think so. Not at all. Individuals can and should request the services in advance of a hospitalization if possible.

Many individuals want to prepare themselves and their home both organizationally and structurally before an accident occurs by adding or improving current safety features in their home. Implementing just a few of our recommendations will maintain one’s independence for the long run! When our recommendations are corrected, when services, equipment and home modification can be added and done calmly, thoughtfully and without panic, clients are ahead of the game by being prepared.

Feel free to ask Madeline about the Home Safely Assessment Tool which identifies hazards in and around the home and provides solutions to the risks and dangers found.

Yes we do. Safely Home Again gets involved 1 of 2 ways. The first, we are called by the client or the health care institution to assist the client with the discharge process. We assure that all of the post hospitalization and physicians orders are understood, then we continue on to the home. From this point and moving forward, the client can choose to purchase the Concierge Home and Lifestyle Serivces which prioritizes and lists many services which will organize the Client at home. We will work to complete whatever tasks will help you the most.

The second way is by going to our website and completing the Message Form found on the Contact Page. If notified with enough time prior to the actual discharge day and time, Safely Home Again will make arrangements with you and prepare for the homecoming. If additional Safely Home Again services are purchased, we provide those amenities to safeguard a successful transition back home. Those services would be the Concierge Home and Lifestyle Services, staffing, home safety assessment, home modifications and the quarterly maintenance program.

The first way in which we obtain data is from the actual discharge plan that is written by the discharging health care institution. What is being recommended by the physician? by the rehabilitation team? and the nursing staff? Instructions for mobility equipment, such as a walker, grab bars, and wheelchairs or needs for durable medical equipment such as a hospital bed, bedside commode and oxygen concentrators are a few examples.

The second way in which we can determine safety issues is by conducting the Home Safety Assessment. This is a detailed survey tool that identifies hazards in and around the home (or any location such as a office, or yacht) and provides solutions for each hazard found. This is highly recommended for individuals who have recently returned from a hospital stay and/or who have had any type of debilitating condition, balance issues or fear of falling who want to prepare their home to safely age in place.

Ask us about purchasing the Senior Home Safety Assessment Tool. It is strongly suggested to be used in tandem with the hospital discharge plan.

That is a nationally recognized certification administered by Age Safe America, LLC., a national membership, training and advocacy organization committed to fall prevention, senior home safety and aging-in-place home modifications since 2015.

Madeline is certified as a Senior Home Safety Specialist®(SHSS), and renews her certification annually.

In addition to the SHSS certification, Madeline has her Bachelor’s of Arts in Sociology, and a Bachelor’s & Master’s of Science in Health Care Administration. She is a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator in the State of California as well as a certified Executive Director for Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly, also known as Assisted Living Communities.

Madeline is a member of the National Concierge Association; various Aging-In-Place Networks; Membership in the Foundation for Senior Services; and a long standing member of the California Association of Health Facilities.

Hiring the right person to care for your loved one is an important step in the transition process, which can be a stressful undertaking. The founder of Safely Home Again, Madeline, has expertise in recruitment of healthcare professionals and recognizes the characteristics to look for in candidates so that the right match can be made between the client and the caretaker. We will interview certified nursing assistants, therapists and caregivers, including licensed staff from physician recommended home health and home care agencies. We will do our best to make quality matches between the Client and the caretakers. Please note that there is always an option for changing caretakers within the same company if you are not satisfied the person(s) assigned to you.

Please note that the client is responsible for signing the contractual agreement(s) and payment made with the Agencies for caretaking services rendered.

Contact Madeline for further details on the caretaking coverage questions that you may have on your mind.

Each client and their circumstance are so different from one another and individual situations can change so quickly that it’s difficult to give a definitive answer. Generally, the biggest determination of our time spent together is the extent to which any home modifications are needing to be completed, if staff needs to be found, interviewed and hired. If the loved one has numerous lifestyle services that need to be reactivated or initiated such as daily activities, then that too can take some time to organize and schedule.

Safely Home Again was created by Madeline Fry, a former Skilled Nursing Facilities Administrator and Executive Director in Assisted Living communities in the Santa Monica and West Los Angeles areas. Born and raised in West Los Angeles, Madeline grew up in Brentwood CA, and went to the local schools pre and for her college years. She spent her working and leisure days in the sunshine of the same surrounding neighborhoods that she now feels compelled to serve in her business. She see's no reason to move from your beautiful homes unless it becomes necessary. As a lifelong caregiver with a bachelor’s degree in sociology, and a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Health Care Administration, the creation of Safely Home Again is a natural extension of who I am. It is built around the passion I feel towards helping people live their lives to the fullest, safest and with the inclusion of their family and friends. Family has always played a significant role in my life, and I believe that having the ability to stay at home for as long as possible is the best for everyone. Madeline is personally responsible for every client, and truly wants to make this process easier for you. When you contact Safely Home Again, you are contacting Madeline.

Just pick up the phone and call me @ 310.405.5758 or email me at

Yes. Safely Home Again can help your family find, tour and chose a community that best suits the needs of the individual and the family. Should the choice be made to move from the home into an institutionalized setting, Safely Home Again can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of making a such a move. This includes, but is not limited to community location, current and future clinical services provided and needed, current costs and future costs, various financial discounts provided by the community, socialization activities and most importantly, the residents happiness!!

Let’s tour together

Yes I can. However, please note, that in addition to the cost of services that are chosen by the client, additional costs covered for overnight and out of town work includes, transportation car/gas or air fare, meals, lodging, rental car, and miscellaneous expenses related to the cost of doing business for Client. Provider must present receipts to the Client as proof for reimbursement.

No, not yet. By Summer 2024 notary services will be available.

To learn more about how we can put our concierge lifestyle and home services to work for you, please call 310.405.5758; or if you prefer to email, please complete the form found on the Contact Page.

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