Discharge Planning Assistance

Discharge planning is the process of transitioning a person from one level of care to the next. Discharge plans are individualized detailed instructions provided to the every person as they move, or are discharged from the health care setting (hospital, rehabilitation setting, or skilled nursing facility) to the home or other locations. This is where Safely Home Again can be called in to help. If time and scheduling permits, we are available to join the client/and loved one at the heath care setting and become your right hand person your, VIP case manager, your advocate in the discharge process. We will collaborate with you to get through this tedious, stressful and time-consuming event. We assure that all of the post hospitalization and physician(s)/rehabilitation/nursing orders are understood prior to leaving.

If the client wishes additional concierge services we can provide them as well. These services can be implemented to help safeguard a successful transition back into the home, decreasing the chances of a fall, and a hospital readmission. Those additional services consist of coordinating concierge lifestyle services, assist with caretaking hiring, completing the home safety assessment and possible home modifications, and the on-going quarterly reassessment of services.

Discharge Planning Assistance

Coordinating Concierge Lifestyle Services

Safely Home Again’s Concierge Home and Lifestyle Services include Priority Services, those services and deliveries needed most upon return from a hospitalization; and Non-Priority Services, those services that can wait a few days before review and implementation. Sometimes these services are for establishing and re-establishing amenities and activities that you or your loved one may have enjoyed in the past and now want to re-start. Or, services that are often part of a typical way of life and are standards that you or your loved ones are accustomed to receiving.
Examples of both types of lifestyles services are listed below. Examples are endless!

Priority Listing of Services

On your behalf, Safely Home Again will act as your concierge case manager and review the Prioritized list of essential services which are often necessary upon discharge from a health care institution, such as:

  • Creation of a Personalized Medical Documentation Notebook: daily document B/P, pulse rate, which medications/doses; medical discharge plans; DNR, and more for caretakers to complete.
  • Follow-up and schedule medical and therapy appointments;
  • Ordering, scheduling and delivering pharmaceuticals;
  • Ordering, scheduling and delivery of mobility and durable medical equipment;
  • Meal planning, organizing and preparation/Personal chef
  • And more

There are also Non-Priority services that are available for implementation. These consist of delivery services/scheduling and personal appointment/planning activities. For example:

  • Grocery Delivery
  • Laundry & dry cleaning pick up and delivery
  • Visits with family and friends</.li>
  • Beauty/barber, manicure/pedicure arrangements
  • Exercise and gym activities
  • Private outings and day trips
  • Coffee/Meals and golf at the Club

And so much more

Any contractual agreements for Concierge Home and Lifestyle Services is signed by you and by the vendor providing the service. Safely Home Again acts as the consultant bringing the two parties together.

Please contact us regarding your circumstances and concerns. Let us help you by organizing and scheduling the necessities and luxuries that your loved one is accustomed to receiving. Let Safely Home Again provide you with the peace of mind you deserve so that you can get back to your family, your friends, work, schedules, and routines.

Assist With Caretaking Hiring

Securing the right team to care for yourself or a loved ones can be a tedious, time consuming, and difficult task. That’s why Safely Home Again manages this important responsibility for you.

The Founder of Safely Home Again, Madeline Fry, has extensive experience in the recruitment of professional, highly-respected nursing and caretaking staff in the Los Angeles area. She has worked with both licensed RN’s and LVN’s and non-licensed staff such as Certified Nursing Assistants and Nursing Assistants. She will listen carefully to your needs and will seek out and interview caretakers who have the background, technical expertise, personality and compassion that you are seeking. This can be for part-time care to full time coverage. Home Health or Home Care caretaking coverage may be found on the actual discharge plan ordered by your physician, and hired from that list.

Home Safety Assessment of Your Home

Completing the Home Safety Assessment, and Home Modifications

Our Home Safety Assessment Tool is a personalized survey and detailed checklist that can be used to examine the living spaces of a home, boat, office or any living quarters that needs a safety evaluation. We utilize a 240+ point assessment tool as a way to look for hazards that exist in and around the living space; hazards such as absence of bathroom grab bars, poor outdoor lighting, inadequate wheelchair ramp, unsafe staircases and more. Once the hazards are found, solutions are provided to the Client, and vendors can then be available to complete the actual modifications should you decide to move ahead. Safely Home Again has you covered. Remember, if these hazards go unnoticed or are disregarded, they have the potential of becoming increasingly more dangerous and can cause falls and other injuries leading to initial or re-hospitalizations. One of the most common injuries in the home are falls, for those over the age of 65, resulting in injury, long-term disability and premature loss of independence according to Age Safe America an national training and advocacy program specializing in fall prevention and senior home safety.

That is why conducting the Home Safety Assessment is so very important!

Ongoing Reassessment of Concierge Maintenance Program

Just as the initial set-up of services in the home is vital to the successful recovery of a loved one, so too is maintaining those home and lifestyle services that have been put in place. It is important to monitor the current status of your loved one so that changes in condition can be monitored and the program adjusted accordingly.

Safely Home Again’s in-home Concierge Maintenance Program provides important follow-up not only with the services, but with equipment and schedules that may need to be removed and schedules that need to be adjusted. Discussions about changes in the caretaking team and their work schedules can also be reviewed.

The Maintenance Service is available on a quarterly basis and provides ongoing reassurance that attention is being paid to those you care about. History has shown that activities, medical equipment necessities and staffing issues always need to be reviewed, revised and re-defined as one’s health and wellness change over time.

Talk with Madeline about this essential step in the VIP services offered by Safely Home Again. We’re here for the long run.


What Clients Are Saying

“Madeline did a wonderful job in organizing my home for deliveries and for scheduling all of my various appointments. She organized my office and set up routine visits with outside caretakers who now come to my home 3 times per week. She was efficient, knowledgeable, warm and friendly. I will absolutely use her again.”

M. O' Neill - February 2023

“Madeline was extremely helpful upon my return from a short hospitalization. She met me at my home, we discussed a few simple modifications which she purchased for me and then had them installed. The modifications immediately made me feel safe and secure. She was patient and understood what were the most important necessities for me to have upon my return home.”

Jane L. - December 2022

"Safely Home Again handled everything for my Dad after he came home from the skilled nursing facility. From organizing the house with deliveries of groceries, and his NY Times to finding a driver for his golf game at the club. She used her resources and found us a wonderful evening caretaker. We are definitely going to use the bi-monthly maintenance Safely Home Again program to monitor my Dads overall well being and safety within the home so he can age safely at home."

Sam M. - December 2022

"Madeline is amazing. She has a heart of gold and not only cared about my Mom's well being, but made sure that I didn't worry needlessly as well. I utilized the Home Safety Assessment Tool and purchased many of the simple home improvements and even put grab bars in the bathroom and a fence around the pool. She's wonderful!"

R. Abram - September 2022

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